VRC brings together students, entrepreneurs and researchers



Venturing Research Challenge provides a pathway for commercializing research by bringing together researchers and entrepreneurial minds in a fast-track business bootcamp. Students, researchers, and entrepreneurs work together to build new solutions and products, and the best ones can continue on to be a part of successful high-tech startups if they find a suitable team.


We offer the coworking space, mentoring, networking, inspiration and the chance to showcase your talents and food to keep you nourished. We will also offer coaching sessions for researchers that want to pitch their ideas.

For best results we provide great mentors helping to facilitate idea development and use business models for innovating. A prize will be awarded to the best team to take their idea to the next level.


We are looking for fearless changemakers; researchers, entrepreneurs, students and anyone who is willing to break the status quo in this 5-day event at the University of Oulu.