MicroENTRE, Micro-Entrepreneurship Centre of Excellence

Micro-entrepreneurship Centre of Excellence MicroENTRE is a micro-enterprise driven, experimental, networked, virtual and international hub of micro-entrepreneurship knowledge and action. According to its mission MicroENTRE provides evidence-based knowledge to enable growth and internationalization of micro-enterprises and to remove barriers of growth. MicroENTRE creates new growing and internationalizing business among the micro-enterprises. Micro-enterprises drive the service model renewal in the research-, development and education partners of MicroENTRE.


  • MicroENTRE coordinates rapidly growing experimental micro-enterprise driven growth and export network. With more than 300 active company members, the network offers 10 monthly live streamed core group meetings in the companies gathered around growth and internationalization experiments. The network multiplies the horizon of opportunities for the member companies and effectively disseminates the best practices of micro-enterprise focused research, development and education innovations.

  • MicroENTRE offers research, development and education services to support the growth and internationalization of microenterprises.

  • MicroENTRE leads both national and international research-, development-, and education experiments and projects aiming at lifting the micro-entrepreneurship expertise to the next level in Finland and Europe.