• Tellus Innovation Arena (map)
  • 1 Pentti Kaiteran katu
  • Oulu, 90570
  • Finland

Do you remember how Tellus Innovation Arena looked like 3 years ago? The truth is that it wasn’t here as it is, which might be surprising to some of you. 

Even though many of us have the feeling that Tellus in its current shape and form had been around for a much longer time, we’re turning only 2 years old this January! Thus to express of gratitude to all our friends, we invite you all to come celebrate our birthday with us!
Our friends, you, bring life to this place and activities, as without you it would have been no more than just space. 

The day will be filled with fun activities, possibility to meet our staff, tell us what do you think of our work and reflect on our history.

The event is free and open for all.