Get ready for the work life and building a company in Oulu Business School's Entrepreneurship minor studies.


Entrepreneurship minor is open for all the University of Oulu students.


Upon completion of the entrepreneurship minor, the students form their own entrepreneurial experience in the context of responsible business:

  • Students understand entrepreneurship as a broad phenomenon and are able to apply entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in practice
  • Students act responsibly and ethically in their roles as entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurship minor consists of 25 ECTS's. Students can sign up to the courses directly in WebOodi,  except for the courses "Entrepreneurial Assignment" and "Entrepreneurship in Action" directly to the course supervisor.  Language of instruction is English.

You can choose five of the following courses:

724811P Entrepreneuring for Tomorrow

724812P Building Change Through Entrepreneurship

724813P Entrepreneurship in Action

724814P Introduction to Business Development

724815P Entrepreneurial Assignment

724816P Building Business Through Creativity and Collaboration