Tommi Karjalainen, an industrial engineering student from the University of Oulu, works now for startup companies. He took part in the Avanto Accelerator – a program for University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences students, who have discovered a business idea. He and his friend Sauli Partanen, a geography student, came up with a training program for esports players aiming to the top: The Gamers’ Academy.


Avanto Accelerator is a program, in which the teams are offered coaching and education in developing their business idea. The aim is to create a business in fast-paced and intensive program with the help of business and entrepreneurship experts. In the program you can choose how to proceed: there’s coaching for different situations and ideas.

Karjalainen and Partanen had no difficulties in finding the idea: Partanen was a gamer and they wanted to develop the industry. Tommi had been working with startup related events before and he knew the people behind the Avanto –program. The timing being perfect, they signed up. Even though Tommi was familiar with the startup world, Avanto offered completely new viewpoints to business. He was very satisfied with the methods in Avanto: chronologically proceeding themes and weekly timetables were effective ways to work. Themes varied from working with the idea to funding and Tommi felt all the aspects of starting a new business were properly introduced. Especially he liked the workshops, in which the practical way of working combined with the experienced coaches was totally the best way to develop the idea.


To join Avanto you don’t have to know anything about business or entrepreneurship. It’s enough if you feel it could be your thing or you have an idea. The idea doesn’t have to be a life-changing innovation, the Avanto team works well in the traditional fields too. Even though the ideas often wary a lot, there’s help for everyone. Avanto won’t be offering ready answers but teaches you how to find them and how to create a business. Everything starts from the bottom: Avanto is perfect for beginners.


Text by Veera Kiurujoki