Business Kitchen in the University of Oulu is the place where people gather together to create something new, to share ideas, or meet new people. Brandathon had all of these elements, but in addition it had the goal of increasing awareness and appreciation for branding and marketing. How was this achieved last year you might ask?

The event put three businesses together with nine teams. Each business gave their tasks to three teams. The teams had two days to come up with a way to brand the product or service of the businesses. All the participants were full of enthusiasm, and most of them said “We are going to win!”


An unstoppable force

As the day wore on, it was clear nothing could stop Brandathon, not even the fire alarm that went off when the teams were getting their work started. Instead of panicking and just wrapping up for the day, everyone came right back in after it was verified that nothing was wrong. Everyone was more energized to come up with branding ideas, as a Brandathoner put it “I feel more awake. Ideas are just coming in!”

During the second day the teams validated the market, refined their ideas and pitches with the help of coaches. Then, as the final hour approached, that is the presentation of the pitches, all teams were putting in the finishing touches to their presentations, going through the pitch one more time.


Then came the time for the final presentations and the judges, and teams took their seats at the Patio. Like in other Business Kitchen events, there is a strong feeling of encouragement and support, as well as critical feedback which is also important for improvement and spotting those weak spots. All nine teams truly brought their best work forward: the presentations were beautifully designed, and came with what can only be described as passionate pitches. In line with the idea that a “brand” is its own person and that marketing needs to have a story, the pitches of some teams came with believable as well as relatable stories. One of them even linked the name of the company, which included “fox”, with the story in a way that felt authentic. Other teams decided to use a method of getting consumers to become brand ambassadors via activities and integrating the product or service into their everyday-life.


“I would recommend Brandathon to everyone”

Although all teams had fantastic branding ideas, and came up with really original ones, only 4 prizes were provided. Everyone was expressing the idea “I learned so much at Brandathon. Applying what you learn in the classroom is so different than when you apply it to something real and current. I would recommend this event to everyone.”

Text By Aileen Gutierrez