On Thursday afternoon, right after the cotton candy machine is set up next to the entrance, people begin to arrive in our brand new Tellus space. Excited murmur fills the air mixed up with the sweet scent of the light pink cotton candy. The space begins to get crowded. Semihyvät Juontajat duo welcomes the audience and the first speakers start the show. The keynote speaker, CEO of the Gimmeyawallet Productions and one of the founders of Tubecon, Elise Pietarila tells the audience how they managed to increase the number of young document watchers nationwide. The Docventures phenomenon is not just a documentary series, they allow the whole community to join the program. Before Docventures the serious documentaries were not exactly the thing for the young people.


After the inspiring speech and discussion the band starts to play. Food attracts the dear visitors to eat and chat with each other. A little bit shy but curious people start to gather around the Dream Wall photo booth and the painting canvas. The atmosphere is joyful and relaxed when they start writing about their dreams and painting the commonly created masterpiece.


Recollecting the grand opening the most memorable detail was how open-heartedly people came and shared their dreams with us. You can see all the dreams here in our space, hanging on the wall. It was amazing to be able to witness the community gathering together to celebrate the new beginning of Business Kitchen. We’d like to thank all of you for being present!