This time in the Avanto Accelerator, we literally moved our participants in the Avanto, the ice-hole, so they have been through a lot! They have also learned about self branding from branding guru Tim Foster. We can proudly say that there are incredibly brave entrepreneurs brewing in Oulu! Come & see the next generation of awesomeness being showcased in Business Kitchen on Dec 13th at 4pm! The Avanto Accelerator is an idea accelerator run by the Business Kitchen. The program was organized for the third time this autumn.  During the program we help teams turn their ideas into successful business models and build networks in nine weeks. Workshops, mentoring, and coworking space combined with Oulu’s startup community empower entrepreneurs and the formation of numerous new companies.

Motivation, attitude and skills, combined with drive and passion is all that matters in our program. In our third batch we had eight fabulous teams on board. They have worked hard, gotten feedback and validated their ideas. On Demo Day you can hear all our teams pitching, so mark the date in your calendars! The winner of the Avanto Accelerator autumn 2016 will also be awarded then. Here is a quick overview what our teams are up to:

Atomic Reindeer makes video games and currently they are developing a first-person puzzle-platformer, called Source of Light. They developed 10 level vertical slice of the game almost ready. They are preparing for Steam Greenlight. They are looking for expertise, contacts and some initial funding and preferably a publisher who can assist them in marketing.

Cookaway is building a platform connecting home chefs and customers that want to buy homemade food.

HAIP is producing a heating solution for smartphones, which allows users to use their phones in even -30 degrees. Currently Haip is validating and designing its solution and building the business around it. They are looking for teammates who can contribute to their startup.

Lendy is a social sharing platform, connecting lenders and renters with each other. The service is already open and can be used through

MedCheck is developing an Internet application for checking drug interactions. They have already done research, validation, service design and the web-page for their company. Currently they are working with building service, testing, collaborations, funding and recruiting. After previous steps they will focus on marketing, upgrading and improving their business. They are aiming at releasing the application in Finland 6/2017 and then entering worldwide competition 2018. Now they are looking for money to develop the software but also contacts to enter EU markets.

Smart Plug wants to connect home devices so that you can save energy and also be in control of your energy consumption even when you’re far from home.

Spawn Pint is developing an e-sports bar with video games to play and watch. The concept also includes a showroom for tech and game companies. Spawn Pint seeks to find different partnership possibilities and funding.

Study Faraway is a networking and information sharing platform for connecting international students with students who want to study abroad. Study Faraway’s platform is partly functional already and in need for team members for ui -design and content creation. Also funding is highly welcome.

Welcome to Business Kitchen on Tuesday 13.12.2016 at 4pm, Torikatu 23 4th floor!