Spend your Summer in the Avanto. We are hosting a special Summer Edition of the Avanto Accelerator idea accelerator program for summer 2016!

Avanto Accelerator speeds up the process, tests the viability of your idea and gets the product to the market faster with the aid of coaches, mentors and the Business Kitchen community.

The program is open for all ideas or people especially from the University of Oulu or the University of Applied Sciences, but others are welcome too. It is recommended that participants join as a team with diverse skills and the team must be able to commit to the project. Sessions are organized from 15:30-18 o’clock so the program can be attended even while working or studying. Peer to peer learning is an important element, so participation in all workshops is important. Things you learn: * Network of similar startups * A change to meet with people and get your idea out and tested as fast as possible. * Learn how to develop your idea and get technical estimates and strategies for development. * Learn about Funding your idea and how to calculate some of the basic costs. * Find out how who to talk to bring your idea into a business faster. * Learn and receive feedback about how your business can be pitched and improved * 5 Credits We'll have workshops once a week, and here is the general schedule (All starting at 3:30pm): 24.05 Introduction & Lean Model Canvas 31.05 Pitching & Pitchdeck 07.06 Feedback Fair 14.06 Funding 20.06 Pitching BREAK – work work work 02.08 Accomplishments / lessons learned 09.08 Building Strategy and Next Steps 16.08 Practice for demo day 23.08 DEMODAY You can apply as teams or individuals. There is a small review process to select who can join. Selections will be made by the 20th of May. If you would like to apply just fill the form in link below: