Photos by Ville Pohjonen (Pohjonen Productions).

Sauna, startups and beer, what else can entrepreneurial minded student wish for? This is in the very essence of the event Startup Crawl. This time we also offered some kickass startup propaganda before jumping to bus. Startup crawl co-founder Daniel Rantala and OuluAccelerator head coach Eero Kaikkonen told us insiders view on startups, startup life and why you should go and startup your own, or go for working for one.

Startup-Crawl-vol-4-Ville-Pohjonen-netti-30Startup-Crawl-vol-4-Ville-Pohjonen-netti-8 We then continued to the bus. First stop Namida Games. Office that was based on Pakkahuoneenkatu just few weeks ago before acts for Headquarters of this newly founded gaming startup. Thanks Namida for having us.



Next thing was the most difficult part, dividing in to three groups. We tried old classic take count to three. Sounds easy both in this case was painfully difficult. Luckily we had engineers with us so we where able to came out with perfect formula to divide people in groups. Arto is hopefully going to patent this solution and startup a company of his own.

Next we tour in separate groups to Haltian, Pint Please and Fingersoft. Good times indeed. Here some more pictures from the tour.



Startup-Crawl-vol-4-Ville-Pohjonen-netti-140Startup-Crawl-vol-4-Ville-Pohjonen-netti-65Startup-Crawl-vol-4-Ville-Pohjonen-netti-156Startup-Crawl-vol-4-Ville-Pohjonen-netti-154Startup-Crawl-vol-4-Ville-Pohjonen-netti-167 Startup-Crawl-vol-4-Ville-Pohjonen-netti-128

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