Have you ever thought about working abroad? Currently the job situation is not the best possible in Oulu, or in Finland for that matter, so this might the option for some. Here we have listed the first places you can start looking and maybe discover the dream job for you. There is also one bonus option for remote jobs, if you just love Oulu too much.

AngelList is a community for startups and investors. Startups can create their profiles, find investors, and create awareness. As it happens AngelList also has a handy open jobs board. Individuals create a profile, upload the CV or LinkedIn profile to the site. After this you can apply straight through the AngelList service or just contact startups via email. Some of the “startups” are not really startups. There are also incubators, older companies etc.

Companies are located worldwide but you can filter through and find what you are interested in.

Monster is one of the biggest employment websites in the world. So naturally this might be one of the first places to look out, if you are interested to work abroad.

Hays is also an international employment website. We don’t have any first hand experiences on it, but it might be worth checking out. At least one Business Kitchen community member received good job offers through their service.

Now is the time to update that LinkedIn profile and research their open jobs section. If you are looking to work abroad it is upmost crucial to keep LinkedIn profile public and up-to-date. 

Tom Laine is an expert on LinkedIn and he has a good step-by-step guide on Slideshare:

Don’t want to leave Oulu? There is an solution for that. WeWorkRemotely is an job board dedicated to only remote jobs. They mostly cover software companies with job descriptions from c++ coder to customer support. The site is owned by Basecamp and hence should be really trustworthy.