Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Jan Vapaavuori and the president of Oulu City Council, Mrs. Mari-Leena Talvitie visited Business Kitchen recently. As a part of his visit in Oulu, minister of Economic Affairs Jan Vapaavuori visited Business Kitchen on Tuesday 15th of April. Our "head chefs" Johanna and Terho kicked off the event by telling the story behind Business Kitchen: what this is all about, who is living under our roof and what kind of results we have achieved so far.

Mr. Eero Kaikkonen, the founder and head coach of Next Level Accelerator (Oulun Yrityskiihdyttämö) had a clear message to the public: sparring startups towards financial eligibility in the eyes of VC is not a easy task: some of them will be success stories, some won't. However, he has succeeded quite well in his accelerator program, since more than 50% of the accelerated companies have raised funding, either VC, crowd funding or other type of funding.

We had also two different entrepreneurs presenting their company cases: Mr. Asmo Saloranta, who has two different companies and Mr. Saku Kaukonen from Sapotech. These companies are different by nature, but they both highlighted the importance of Business Kitchen and its services and network for the development of their businesses.

We had a very fruitful discussion between the minister and participants. Mr. Vapaavuori was especially interested in our mission, students' entrepreneurship orientation and how we could enchance more allowing attitude towards failure. In our presentation, we told that Business Kitchen serves as a bridge between universities, companies and public organisations. It is a community that consists of entrepreneurs, students, business developers, researchers and other people interested in entrepreneurship. We all work together towards a common goal, wealth and prosperity to Oulu region, by utilizing each others know-how and networks.

The video we made from Polar Bear Pitching served as an example of risk-taking and taking the step out of our comfort zone. We were proud to tell that the event was a great success, both in terms of marketing, branding and venture capital contacts.

Like the minister said, right kind of attitude is what matters the most. We are clearly on the right track!