It was November 2013, when we launched Polar Bear Pitching in Slush 2013 conference. Now the event is behind us and it is time for a short recap. The mascot of the event, J-bear, raised quite a lot attention in last Slush conference, where we launched the event. Actually, he was on the cover of Kauppalehti with couple of other people from Business Kitchen. Of course, that was just the starting point of all the work.

Winner of the Polar Bear Pitching contest a.k.a. the coolest roar was Laturi Corporation. They started their rehearsal already in the beginning of January, so it was totally worth it. The second place went to Minus Degree Mobile and third to Tosibox.

What comes into the media coverage, we got approx. 50 media hits in to days (the event day and the next one), Totally there were 104 hits, whereof 23 international ones, such as

Techcrunch The Times Digital Journal The Guardian

National level Helsingin Sanomat Talouselämä and many, many more...

Webelieve that such a media attenion was a true asset not only for the event itself, but also for the participating compaies and for the city of Oulu.

If you couldn't make it to Raatti, don't worry - you can watch the whole stuff from the YouTube-video we made.

The last, but not the least we want to warmly thank our sponsors Danske Bank, Rintajouppi, Polar Rent and Musta Pekka for their contribution to the coolest pitching event on the globe!