Most of the time, kitchen is the place, where people gather together, catch up the latest news and have a chat. This was the case also couple weeks ago, when we had our first Business Kitchen Cooking Camp this year. Business Kitchen Cooking Camp is a regular event, held two or three times per year, when our community members from the Oulu University, Oulu UAS, BusinessOulu and other stakeholders meet and exchange views around the current topics.

This time we spend our day in a workshop, where we looked to our chrystal balls and tried to see, what’ll happen in Business Kitchen and in Oulu’s startup ecosystem as a whole in the future. That wasn’t a easy task, but luckily theprocess was nicely facilitated by professor Petri Ahokangas and university student Annika Juvani, who is doing her Masters thesis about these issues in question.

Cooking Campers will meet again on May. What’s on the menu then, we’ll see…