Our fall season has started rapidly and it has been full of action. So many new faces and such a vibrant buzz every day – splendid! Here’s a short recap of the highligts so far. Business Kitchen one year birthday party on Sep 5th

Business Kitchen BirthdayOne year old is just an infant, so we decorated Business Kitchen with balloons and served candyfloss and waffles. They were obviously very tasty, as approximately 250 visitors enjoyed them.

There was a fierce competition in Angry Birds’ shooting game, but luckily the wheel of fortune was gracious: everybody got something to take home.

Business Speed Dating on Sep 17th

IMG_0933As we see it, in traditional networking events people are usually talking with only those they already know. We decided to organize something else - Business Speed Dating!

It was an event, where companies could find new partners, customers, and ideas for their business. Every participant had two minutes to talk with everyone else individually. After the official part, participants had the possibility to continue discussions with the most interesting ones privately.

Based on the feedback we got, this event was a true success story, and we are planning to make a sequel for it. Here is a short video from the event, quite a buzz, right?

Pitcthing Clinic on Sep 30th

IMG_1425Pitching Clinic is a regular event, organised every second Monday from 2 to 4 PM here at the Business Kitchen premises. It is an event, where everybody can rehearse their pitch and get feedback for their business model in a safe and encouraging  environment. This is meant for everybody, not only companies looking for investment etc. In Pitching Clinic you’ll learn how to tell about your company or idea in a nutshell, whenever needed – for example during elevator ride.

Couple of quotes from the previous participants:

Pitching Clinic was a very positive experience to me – I got new viewpoints to my business idea and I feel more confident in speaking in front of the public. Also, because you can have your pitch recorded, you’ll be able to see the development of your pitch easily.

-  Pirjo Ritokangas, Bellegames Ltd.

As I see it, when you participate in Pitching Clinic, it is a unique opportunity to polish up your pitch and get feedback from totally new audience – it was very helpful for me to see their reactions and hear suggestions for improvements. After participanting in the event I’m far more ready to go to the outside world and outwin my competitors.

- Asmo Saloranta, Neppis Racing Ltd.