The past year was a success for OuluSES i.e. the Oulu Student Entrepreneurship Society. We managed to put together some great events, gathered a group of interested students around us and hopefully also offered a kick-start to new student startups. ses 2 Major and the most popular events during the fall 2012 were definitely Rails Girls and Mini Apprentice events. The events were organized during the same week and it goes without saying that Business Kitchen was far from quit at that time.  During Monday and Tuesday the Mini Apprentice teams were working hard on assignments given by Oikian Solutios and Greenline driving school. In only 24 hours the companies certainly got lots of great ideas to implement. The winners were announced at the Grand Opening of Business Kitchen - Congratulations to Team Bachelors and Team Artifex!

rails Rails Girls event took place on the same week on Friday and Saturday when Business Kitchen was filled with excited girls learning the basics of coding in a fun way. The days were filled with inspiring speeches of our coaches and all the participants finished their very first applications! Don’t worry if you missed it since Rails Girls is coming back to Oulu next year too, coding is not just for boys.

During the spring 2013 OuluSES crew worked hard to produce the Oulu Startup Challenge 2013 together with VTT. Multidisciplinary teams from Oulu UAS and the Oulu University had three weeks to produce a killer business plan to commercialize technology from VTT. The results were excellent and judges certainly had a hard time deciding on the winning team who gained an office space package and 2000€ from our sponsors. A little bird told us that some teams are pitching their ideas on other event too, YAY!

It can certainly be said the OuluSES crew had a busy year in producing not only these events highlighted here but many smaller ones too. We are already planning for the upcoming autumn term and were can assure you it’s going to be awesome!