Uprise, the brightest start-up event of the year, brought about 250 entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial-minded students together. Inspiring speakers and surprising elements gave the right amount of twist to the unconventional seminar event. Uprise CatchboxApril 19th 2013 was the day the Business Kitchen staff had all been waiting for. Countless of meetings of planning, organizing and marketing had been done. At noon the doors to the main venue of Lasaretti, the Aurora-sali, were opened and the buzz begun. The lights were dimmed, few spotlights circled around and catchy music set the scene for the event.

The Program

Our own, quick-witted "VJ" Janne Karjalainen from Demola hosted the event. Uprise started with Annika Juvani's introduction to the Startup Challenge competition that was organized by OuluSES and VTT. We got to see what the competition was all about when the top three finalists pitched their products. After the pitches Mr. Timo Kauppila, the CEO of throwable microphones, Catchbox, entered the stage. He gave an inspiring speech of ways to get international attention and provided an insight on how the value to the customer might differ greatly from the production costs. The catchbox flew in the air, was grabbed by people who asked questions, and finally landed at the hands of a logging dance team from Citydance. Uprise was in for a surprise!

Surprising elements in the Uprise event.

Matti Rusila, the Gordon Ramsey of Business Kitchen, presented a recap of the achievements of Business Kitchen and shed some light at its future plans. Did you know that 25 000 cups of coffee have been consumed in only eight months? How crazy is that!

The keynote-speaker of the day, Mrs. Lisa Sounio, talked about branding and called for evoking feelings. She said every entrepreneur should have some rock-star attitude and act the way that what ever the startup does is news worth.

The ambassadors of love; Madetojan mammanpojat gave a stellar performance.

After Lisa's talk, Uprise was yet again in for a suprise as Madetojan Mammanpojat (Mama's Boys of Madetoja) entered the stage. Their "Performance of Love" delivered what Lisa had been asking for - it evoked emotions and for sure, did not leave anyone cold!

Last but not least, Team Sparta was crowned as the winner of the Startup Challenge 2013 and Juuso Nissilä, the CSO of Valkee, gave the final fireside talk . He shared his experiences of what it is to be a start-up entrepreneur in Oulu and introduced another surprise, the Midnight Pitch Fest. Juuso also received the much coveted Business Kitchen award, the Mixer of the year 2013. Congrats Juuso and Team Sparta!

The Party

And like every other awesome party, Uprise was followed by the New Dawn Afterparty @ Business Kitchen. Good company, good food (almost a hundred pre-ordered pizzas straight from the oven!), a DJ rocking the house and a good buzz – what else you could wish for?

All in all we got a lot of positive feedback during the day and the evening, and also some development ideas for the future. We are very grateful for those and hope to see you soon in our forthcoming events.

And just remember: you are always welcome to our premises just to have a nice cup of coffee or have a chat with us.