Dear you! You are checking out our new web appearance, do you like it? About a year ago, in summer 2012, we have been looking for places and spaces for “Business Design Factory”, to be located in Oulu, Finland. The idea was to build a joint space and open community for all parties working on developing new ideas and already existing businesses. The name and concept were hunted in brainstorming sessions and finally we found our way home, to the Kitchen! It would be a great metaphor, the place where our souls and bodies were nurtured and the experimental cooking of new ideas and businesses carried out. The dough would be made together, the soups would be spiced up with international flavors and new recipes would be introduced to our community.

Today, as we speak, we can take a look at the first year of Business Kitchen developments in practice. We have experienced an extraordinary year together and sketched and actualized the hope of something new. Many people in our community are facing new situations and challenges in their entrepreneurial dreams and practices. We people tend to like certainty and clear plans. As an entrepreneur, you have to dare and stand the uncertainty and unclear plans.  How can you know what you should do next – what would be the right path to choose in products, customer segments or in life overall?

Becoming an entrepreneur challenges you to trust your intuition. The people you meet and the interpretations you make from the surroundings will show you the way. Let’s read Paulo Coelho’s thoughts to wrap up:

In the moment of an important decision we should trust our intuition and feelings, because our reason tries to take us further away from our dream by explaining that the moment is not yet right. Our reason is afraid of losing whereas our intuition loves life and its challenges.

Have a great summer, you, and let’s meet in Business Kitchen or latest in the Midnight Pitch Fest in August! All entrepreunial souls welcome to pitch your idea and listen to others!