Business Kitchen offers projects in which students get to solve real world challenges and put theories in practice, as well as various activities, programs and events to support new business creation.

We nurture the entrepreneurial mindset and joint problem solving through multidisciplinary and international learning environment and action-based methods.

Avanto Idea Accelerator

Do you want to become an entrepreneur in just four weeks? Join Avanto Idea Accelerator to crystallize you business idea into a gem! Read more

International Business Corridor

Are you looking for a chance to enhance your skills in internationalization, cross-boarder teamwork and cooperation with local companies? Join IBC to gain valuable experience for your future! Read more

Demola Oulu

Do you want to solve real life challenges with companies? Put your skills to test and co-create new solutions! Read more

Terwa Academy

Are you interested in business studies with a twist? Join Terwa Academy to get a Bachelor's degree by running a business!
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Entrepreneurship Minor

Are you the curious one? We have something for you!

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Avanto Business Incubator

Do you need support with developing your business or business idea? Jump into the Avanto Business Incubator to get the support you need! Read more


Are you interested in entrepreneurship and self-development? Get familiar with OuluES community and expand your network!
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