• Kielo Growth Oy (map)
  • Teknologiantie 18
  • 90570 Oulu

Sauna Sales Summit- Networking and sales Event at Kielo Growth Sauna premises in Technopolis, Oulu. Three interesting keynote speakers for good topics in how to outsource your sales and how outsourcing fit in your business You also get to know how to attrack business angels and how they will help you raise more funding and investments in your business.

We invite you and your friends to this laid-back networking event. Supersold Helsinki offers a sauna, sausages and drinks. Note! If you wanna test the sauna after speeches take your own a towel for your luggage..

After keynote speaches you have a good opportunity to pitch and network with awesome people and get yourself the necessary a work-, trainee-, gradu- or diploma place for the near future. Like always, it is worth taking business cards and Cv with you without forgetting a positive attitude and a smile.

Free of charge! Supersold Helsinki offers drinks, snacks and Sauna premises.

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