Overcome challenges and drive innovation
with co-creation


The real value in networking is to know when to use resources that are outside of your company. If you’re looking for fresh ideas and new perspectives, Demola is the answer.

We have an international pool of young talent from all fields of science, university partners with the latest research, and an award-winning innovation platform to guarantee real results.

All we need from you is your challenges.



Access to a network of top talent

Your most powerful asset could be outside of your own organization. That is why Demola provides companies, big or small, access to an international network full of talent, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas that can solve your problems. Depending on the level and nature of the project, you can either assign the work to a local Demola team or have a combination of our centers working on your project.

Pay only for results

Getting started with Demola is free of charge. After the initial setup and the work is complete, the project team will present the results to you. If, and only if, you find the results useful and valuable, you have the options to either license or purchase the rights from the team. Together with our partners, we have created and validated an IPR model that has been designed to meet the legal requirements of global corporations.