Nina Jackson, HR specialist, recruiter, musician, daydreamer, University of Oulu alumni, Master of Education

I’m Nina Jackson, Master of Education. I work for Nokia and my title there is HR specialist. My tasks include recruiting, personnel management and personnel welfare and motivation related affairs.

Previously I’ve worked as a teacher at various elementary schools and been involved in projects of Demola. The first of the projects was for the Cultural Centre Valve and it was about motivating young people. I first heard of Demola when my sister was studying industrial engineering. She had joined Demola and recommended it to me. Later I met Mia Kemppaala who asked me to join Business Kitchen. At the time there was a culture related project going on I got excited about and joined it. The last three years of my studies I was more involved in Business Kitchen projects than actually studying.  I’ve been following the finals of Polar Bear Pitching and judging the Demola finals. I’ve also used the old office of Business Kitchen as my working space.

I had very encouraging experiences from the Demola project. You don’t have to be a superhuman to be a part of a project. There’s such a supportive atmosphere at Business Kitchen. The students may not be ready for the working life yet, but here they are able to do the real thing. The best thing about Demola is that there are multidisciplinary teams. When working in one, you also take notice of your own expertise which you don’t necessarily notice among your classmates. Multidisciplinary teams are the greatest opportunity to learn about other fields. 

At the Demola project I learnt marketing, business and coding. I had not studied any of these fields before at all, but I learnt the skills in practice during the projects. I had the opportunity to work as a project manager which is a really responsible task. Demola makes developing new creative ideas possible. When you combine economics to biology in a new way, or biology to coding, it’s possible to create totally new ideas. Business Kitchen is the perfect place for a multidisciplinary innovation to be born.

Business Kitchen has given me a lot of necessary working life experience which looks good on CV. Taking part of the recruiting project helped me to end up in my current position. The Demola project taught me a lot of useful stuff: project management, making business and marketing plans, coding and international co-operation. Right now I’m working for an international company and the experience of multicultural teams at the Business Kitchen projects has helped me a lot, so I won’t get confused if someone calls me from India.

I would call Business Kitchen an inspiring and joyful living room of big dreams. Translated into practice, it means the Business Kitchen people welcome every person warmly, no matter which field or faculty they come from. The joyful atmosphere is also an aspect to mention. Business Kitchen is the place to come if you have an idea. There you can share ideas and the big dreams so many of us have. All the ideas are welcome.

I would recommend Business Kitchen to everyone. Working life is facing a turning point, professions will go automatic and it is good to be prepared for these changes. Business Kitchen has given me an opportunity and a safe environment to find my thing. It’s important to find out what you really like to do, so you could be satisfied and happy with your job. Business Kitchen has directed me towards the career path I want to go.