Minna Liimatainen, Student/Intern


I study International Business at Oulu University of Applied Sciences and currently work as an intern at Business Kitchen. I got to know Business Kitchen during the first year of studies when we visited the previous location on our entrepreneurship course. Back then I would never have imagined being part of the community one day, as based on that one visit, I didn’t quite realize the size of the network involved in Business Kitchen activities on a daily basis.


Nearly two years later, I was invited to join a group working on an Arctic Business Corridor project doing market research for an Oulu-based company which was aiming to expand to the Swedish market. Quite frankly, I didn’t think twice to say yes because the case itself was very interesting and getting the opportunity to work in a multinational team together with a real company sounded too good to pass. Taking part in the ABC project was one of the best decisions I’ve made during my studies, since I gained some great experience from market research and expanded my network, especially within the Business Kitchen community.


After the ABC project I was asked to come and do my internship at Business Kitchen and I accepted the challenge. I currently work as a community coordinator which means a great responsibility and loads of work. Every day is different and I’ve learned so many new things, not to mention the awesome people I’ve got to know here! This community makes great things happen in Oulu, with all their support to the local businesses, students, and entrepreneurs.


I’d say Business Kitchen is a welcoming, supporting and inspiring environment. People are easy to approach, and all the programs and events ensure that you have a fair chance to succeed if you wish to become an entrepreneur or you would like to develop your existing company. I strongly recommend visiting one of the two locations (at Kotkantie campus and University Tellus) to see for yourself. Get to know us you won’t regret it!