Epic Story - Antti

I learned about Business Kitchen in 2016 when I just started my Bachelor's. I accidentally saw that there was an application ongoing in Demola, so even though I was pretty busy with school, I decided to give it a try. The project was called Pivo 2.0, in collaboration with OP Financial Group.

Epic Story - Nina

Business Kitchen has shown me that the expertise you have can be applied to many fields and business can be creative. I’ve got the courage to try and to exit my comfort zone. I’m sure that the projects I’ve done at the Business Kitchen have had an impact on getting my current position.

Epic Story - Christian

I can easily say that Business Kitchen has certainly affected my life. It has helped me to substantially extend my network. In summary, Business Kitchen is giving you a lot of support which is needed to develop your business idea further. If I’d have to choose three words to describe Business Kitchen, I would say supportive, fun, innovative.


Epic Story - Carl

I got a business idea together with my friend Jean in January 2015. We talked a lot about our business and finally Jean and I decided to move to Oulu from Stockholm. We left our jobs, apartments and our entire life in Stockholm behind - to start a new adventure.

Epic Story - Mukti

Mukti first came to Finland in 2010. During his studies he was introduced to Business Kitchen by his project supervisor, launching a chain of events which led him to where he is today - running three projects with a worldwide network.

Epic Story - Marjaana

Before Business Kitchen I didn’t really know what I’d do in the future but now I feel I’ve found my path. I think the most characteristic trait of Business Kitchen is creating opportunities.

Epic Story - Elina

So how did I initially make my way to Business Kitchen? I was approached by a teacher at our school regarding the Arctic Business Corridor project, for which the Business Kitchen was seeking participants.

Epic Story - Minna

I study International Business at Oulu University of Applied Sciences and currently work as an intern at Business Kitchen. I got to know the Business Kitchen during the first year of studies when we visited the previous location on our entrepreneurship course.

Epic Story - Simo

I moved to Oulu in August 2015. I got an email which searched participants for Demola projects. I applied for them and got chosen for one. First time I heard about Business Kitchen was when I visited the place for Demola related event