Epic Story - Carl

I got a business idea together with my friend Jean in January 2015. We talked a lot about our business and finally Jean and I decided to move to Oulu from Stockholm. We left our jobs, apartments and our entire life in Stockholm behind - to start a new adventure.

Epic Story - Mukti

Mukti first came to Finland in 2010. During his studies he was introduced to Business Kitchen by his project supervisor, launching a chain of events which led him to where he is today - running three projects with a worldwide network.

Epic Story - Marjaana

Before Business Kitchen I didn’t really know what I’d do in the future but now I feel I’ve found my path. I think the most characteristic trait of Business Kitchen is creating opportunities.

Epic Story - Elina

So how did I initially make my way to Business Kitchen? I was approached by a teacher at our school regarding the Arctic Business Corridor project, for which the Business Kitchen was seeking participants.

Epic Story - Minna

I study International Business at Oulu University of Applied Sciences and currently work as an intern at Business Kitchen. I got to know the Business Kitchen during the first year of studies when we visited the previous location on our entrepreneurship course.

Epic Story - Simo

I moved to Oulu in August 2015. I got an email which searched participants for Demola projects. I applied for them and got chosen for one. First time I heard about Business Kitchen was when I visited the place for Demola related event