What is Business Incubator?

Oulu UAS Business Incubator is a service for Oulu UAS students in which they can develop their own idea into a business development plan or a business model and further into an active new business.


With Business Incubator, you get personal guidance and support from experts whilst receiving study credits at the same time. If you have already founded a company, you will get support for further development at early stage during the Incubator studies.


You can begin the Incubator studies at any stage of your studies by contacting the person responsible in your department or directly the Incubator’s entrepreneurship trainer.

The studies consist of personal appointments where the students develop their business idea or company together with the trainer. During the meetings, the students get support and feedback for their business development plan and receive development ideas to improve their plan.

The studies also consist of seminars related to creating a business as well as meetings with other students within the Incubator. These will both support you in building your network. In addition, there will be theme evenings on topics such as financing, insurances, marketing and networking. In workshops organized by the Business Incubator, the participants can exchange ideas and receive feedback from each other concerning e.g. developing your sales pitch and marketing material.

All participants have a right to use the Business Kitchen premises, equipment and facilities in planning and developing your business activities.



  • You receive help with your business idea and/or developing your business

  • You gain experience in evaluating and developing a business idea

  • Your comprehensive know-how of business evolves

  • You are able to expand your network

  • You receive study credits


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