Avanto Accelerator 
Program accelerating the transformation of ideas into products and businesses.

The Avanto Accelerator is a 6-week program with workshops, mentors, and networking that turns opportunities into businesses and doers into entrepreneurs. 
Improving its participants’ business skills, Avanto crystallizes and shapes ideas into gems that are ready for the markets. The Avanto Accelerator takes place in the Business Kitchen and different entrepreneurship places around Oulu, helping participants integrate into the entrepreneurial ecosystem and launch startups faster. 
The Avanto Accelerator is open for all university connected ideas and people. Before coming to Avanto we recommend participating in Startup Weekend or Venturing Research Challenge to develop your initial idea and to find a team.


How does the program work?

The participants attend workshops and events, receive one-on-one mentoring and work in teams developing their startups. 
In the end of the program the participants will pitch their startups to investors. 

How to join:

Step 1: Join some of the kick-off events to meet others or come talk to our coaches. 
Read more: www.avantoaccelerator.com
Step 2: Apply for the Avanto Accelerator 6-week program through a form on www.avantoaccelerator.com 

The Avanto Accelerator program runs every spring and autumn.

Key benefits for the students:

  • Learn by doing!
  • Get valuable experience from teamwork.
  • Extend your networks.
  • Get a mentor for yourself.
  • Promote your entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Get study credits.